An interim manager must add lasting value, which is anchored in the work force. As an interim manager I also add knowledge, but my goal is mainly to let employees flourish and grow.

In my opinion, these are the key concepts when deploying an interim manager:

  • Objectivity – Not part of the customer organization
  • Experience – The best choice is an over-qualified interim manager. Little learning curve, at most quickly getting to know the organization / environment
  • Knowledge – ​​Adding experience from past experience
  • Non-threatening – Especially an interim manager with more experience than the customer, will lead to growth and improvement. An interim manager is by definition never a threat to his customer
  • Speed ​​– Due to the broad experience, short learning curve and immediate availability
  • Helicopter view – This can seem threatening, but an interim manager always looks broader than the assignment to thoroughly understand the context and to propose possible out-of-the-box solutions
  • Directing and coaching – Directing to achieve the set goals and coaching to anchor things in the organization.

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